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     Pastor Bonita Bakari, through Sunrise Christian Assembly's Media Ministry, strives to empower people's spirit with the word of God, not just as an instrument of reading, but also as a way of life as well. Pastor Bakari firmly believes in, and lives, with the word of God as the foundation of her principles and practices in life, and can truly testify she's tried God and His word is proven true.

     Through Sunrise Christian Assembly's  Media Mintry, Pastor Bakari desires to share this good news with every individual in need of sound spiritual advice. To this end Sunrise produce video Live Streams and Podcast for social media, as well as, Cable TV programming for those preferring TV programming to other devices. Below are our current programming efforts. We pray you will tune in and experience the dynamic spirit of our Pastor as an instrument of God's word.    

       From A Christian Woman's Perspective 
is a Made-For-TV Christian Women's Program hosted by Pastor Bonita Bakari and co-hosted by Charlotte Burnett and Latrice Thomas. The program is designed to address issues many women face today, from a Christian woman's vantage point. Morever, to help aid Christian Women , and those seeking to do so, handle theie daily issues  according to God's will and way.



On each Sunday morning Sunrise streams "SUNDAY MORNING EXHORTATIONS" live on Facebook via Pastor's page. You may view it each Sunday morning starting at 11:30am  by logging onto facebook and enter: BONITA BAKARI into search bar. "Like" page and receive notification of all Sunrise Christian Assembly live streams.

Knowing Your Self Worth


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