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     Sunrise Christian Assembly Non-Denominational Church is deeply rooted in the word of God, as a foundation for living. Led by God, through our Pastor, Sunrise Christian Assembly seeks to preserve & teach the truth of God's word, sharing it every "heart" willing and wanting to know God's word and purpose in their lives.
     Sunrise Christian Assembly is a church grounded in the totality of God's word, and the teachings of His son Jesus Christ. In our Father's house, we welcome anyone desiring to give/rededicate their lives to Christ. Those who may be dersiring to flee from the myriad half truths and false doctrines permeating beliefs today. 

The vision of Sunrise Christian Assembly is to witness the salvation of  souls, the changing of hearts  and the renewing of minds through the dissemination of God's word. Further, to serve as a partaker in these individuals' transformations by maintaining a house of worship  wherein all desiring souls may find refuge  from a world of sin - in the presence of God's glory


Our core members share an earnest love for the word of God, as well as, the doing of His will, In every church undertaking, our pastor can count on the diligence of our core members to be present and to engage the "workman's" mentality to carry out the pastor's wishes. Whether inside the walls of Sunrise or in the community. Sunrise core members are there. As God declared. "Where two or three are gathered together touching and agreeing in His name, there would He be also. We know then God is with us in every endeavor we undertake.

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