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Bonita Bakari




Spiritual Leader

Pastor BONITA BAKARI  received her calling into the ministry in 2001. She began her formal Ministerial Training in 2004 and concluded in 2007. She received her ordination into the ministry 2007 and took the leadership of Sunrise Christian Assembly in 2008.

Pastor BONITA BAKARI in action

"We can do all things, through Christ, whom stengthens us" has been the staple of Pastor Bakari's ministry since she took on the Pastoral leadership of Sunrise Christian Assembly.

Believing where two, or three, are gathered in the name of Christ, he will be also. Pastor Bakari took a few members and build ministry predicated on the word of God, a Preschool for the community and a TV ministry that reaches 480,000 homes in Kansas City and Coutless more of Facebook world wide.

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